After Sinus Surgery

Avoid:  Avoid blowing your nose for two weeks. Try not to sneeze. If you must, sneeze with your mouth open. Avoid forceful sucking when drinking through a straw.

Afrin Nose Spray: Two puffs in each nostril twice a day. Begin the evening after surgery and continue for seven days.

Bleeding: Slight oozing may occur for several days. Some nose and mouth bleeding will occur during the first 24 hours.

  • Try not to spit, chew, or talk for one hour after surgery
  • If unable to control excess bleeding, please call our office.
  • Remember, it is normal for a small amount of oozing to persist for 24 hours

Pain:  If you receive a prescription for pain medication, take it as needed with food.  If pain is only minimal, take two Tylenol as needed every 3-4 hours.  Treat pain before it occurs.

Swelling:  The swelling that is normally expected after oral surgery can be minimized by the immediate use of an ice pack.  Place ice on the outside of the face over the surgical area: 20minutes on, 20 minutes off.  Do this for the next 36 hours when you are awake.  Swelling peaks on second postoperative day and then gradually subsides.

Black and Blue:  Do not be alarmed if a yellowish-blue-black discoloration appears on your face after surgery.  It may take a week to fade away.

Mouth Rinse:  Do not rinse your mouth on the day of surgery.  The next morning, gently rinse with the special mouthwash you were given as directed.  In addition rinse with warm water after each meal or three times a day for the next 7 days.  You may carefully brush your teeth the day following surgery.

Diet:  Drink only liquids until the numbness has worn off.  Later, eat light, soft foods, and drink plenty of liquids.  Avoid alcohol, smoking, and spicy foods.  Smoking aggravates bleeding and inhibits healing.  Please refrain for 48 hours.  Patients who have had general anesthesia should start with clear liquids(broth, 7-up juice, etc.), and progress slowly to more substantial foods as the stomach tolerates it.

Stitches:  Stitches are made of dissolvable material.  They do not have to be removed.  They will fall out in 3 to 10 days.

Exercise: Avoid heavy exercise (running, aerobics) for three week.  DO NOT dive, swim, or fly in an airplane for one month.