Food Suggestions List

We advise obtaining some of these food items after your surgery.

Juices (Cranberry, Grape, Vegetable, Etc. Avoid citruses for a few days)

Herb Tea



Yogurt (Soft and/or frozen)



Cottage Cheese

Soft Fruit (Banana, Papaya, Berries, Canned Pears and Peaches)


Ice Creams

Milkshakes/Energy Blends/Protein Shakes

Hearty Soups (Cream of Mushrooms, Cream of Asparagus, Lentil)

Farina/Oatmeal/Cream of Wheat

Eggs (Scrambled, Soft Boiled, Poached, Egg Salad, Omelets)

Mashed Potatoes

Rice, Risotto


Noodles (Top Ramen)

Pasta (Plain or with meat)

Soft White Fish (Sole, Trout, Snapper)

Foods to Avoid during the first 7 days after your surgery:

Spicy foods

Difficult to chew foods

Popcorn, Chips, Etc.

Alcoholic Beverages

On the day of Surgery, begin with clear fluids (Cranberry Juice, Broth, Jell-O) and progress slowly to something more substantial to your tolerance level.

Remember, it is important to maintain your nutrition for optimal healing to occur.

P.S. Be sure to rest and take it easy for a few days. You may want to rent a few movies (Comedies) and have a relaxing recovery!